There's More to Programming Than Programming

08 June 2014

Last fall I got pulled onto two projects to help get them over the finish line. I think I made significant contributions, but the strange thing to me was that I didn't do any programming on either of them. For one, I organized the testing and release of several small sites all related to one campaign. For another, I organized the testing, including triaging the defect list to get blocking issues fixed first.

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Why Another Wiki Platform?

31 May 2014

As I'm working on rewriting TypeLink, you may be wondering why I would bother making another wiki platform. Isn't that a solved problem? No, I think there are unique needs that TypeLink addresses. To explain, let me give you the story behind TypeLink.

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My Next Project, A Rails/Backbone/iOS Rewrite in the Open

25 May 2014

My first major side project was TypeLink, a cloud-based personal wiki notepad. Part of what got me excited about the project was that it was my first project using Rapid Application Development framework--using Grails, a Java-ecosystem framework since that's what I was familiar with. It was also my first iOS app.

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Laravel PHP Library Dependencies

16 May 2014

Earlier today on Twitter, @ErikOnTheWeb asked about what PHP libraries Laravel depends on. I just recently set up a new bare CentOS server to run it. Here are the PHP libraries I had to install. Note: apparently the PHP package that came installed on it was php55w, not the normal php55. So your package names may be slightly different.

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